IT that works for you

Daniel BombardStarted in 2000, YOE CONNEXT is a complete technology solution provider. We are 100% committed to making sure business owners have the most reliable and professional IT service in Yuma. Our team of talented IT professionals can solve your IT nightmares once and for all.

Here’s why so many businesses depend on YOE CONNEXT for complete IT services and support:

  • YOE CONNEXT has more people available to help you: From our local team consisting of 3 fulltime, trained IT technicians. Our staff of 5 CompTia® Network + trained (local) backups. Or our 24/7 helpdesk, manned by 100 experts in Pittsburgh, PA. It allows us to respond faster to your issues than anyone else in or out of town.
  • YOE CONNEXT has live people to answer your calls. Have you ever called for IT service only to have to leave a message during normal business hours? Whether a billing question or a call for help, we are there! Our 24/7 Helpdesk is only a click or a phone call away to answer your calls after business hours in a quick efficient manner.
  • YOE CONNEXT is the most proficient of anyone when it comes to the relationship between your other office equipment and your network. Gone are the days of “who do we call, we cannot print” and “the IT guy says to call the copier guy, and now the copier guy says it’s an IT issue!”

Our custom service packages deliver what you need and want without overstepping the boundaries of your budget. From cloud services to data backup, YOE CONNEXT is here to team up with you and your company for expert support.